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Début started as an idea, very much like most of our clients, we didn't know how or where to begin it. We started in steps, (and backwards). We got the logo first and then business email - with no business, but we started! Our next big step was to start test driving methodologies in the Marketing & Business arenas that we've used in our professional experience.

We found our value in the market and what people needed most. While many people benefitted from our knowledge, they couldn't see themselves the way we saw them, as leaders and business owners. 

Our value is providing services that develop the mindset of the entrepreneur and small business for success as well as to build a scalable business that is poised for growth.  


My name is Keishana D. Miller

Keishana "big dreamer" Miller that is! Big dreams, great planner with limited knowledge and a diminished budget. I've spent the former 10+ years of my career learning painful lessons that didn't feel good in the moment, but prepared for me for today. 

I've worked in several industries: supply chain, retail, entertainment, marketing & customer service. My favorite was by far was e-commerce retail fashion.  I truly love organizing, operations and  solving unique problems. 

I am a firm believer in being kind and loving towards people. Lastly,  a good sense of humor can carry you into your dreams! Follow me below to learn more about my daily life. 

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