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Brand Strategy

The Buzzword of the decade, BRANDING! Follow these 4 steps to build a strategy for your business branding.

Meet the Case

This case study is built upon experience from Professional Enterprise jobs, as well as consultations with Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs alike.

You've heard it, you tried it and if you're here maybe you gave up on it!

I've asked Marketers, entrepreneurs & brand lovers about their favorite aspect of building a brand and unsurprisingly, I hear things about the uniqueness of the packaging, the cuteness of the instagram posts, increasing following, creating engagement on social media and oh my fav... creating content. Sure! these are all components of what I consider Brand Elevation, but it really has very little to do with the ABC's of how to build a successful brand for your business.

If your customers are constantly receiving packages (see pics) with missing items or they can't reach you to make a return, the uniqueness of the package or instagram posts won't hold much weight. Let's explore what a Brand is exactly ? What are the challenges with building a brand and lastly, how Début has overcome these exact challenges for our clients.

The Challenge

A Brand is the established reputation of a person, place or thing! It is what your audience has come to know about you or the products/services you provide. The strength of your brand in essence is your reputation! In order to build a strong brand you will need to be, if nothing else consistent and communicative.

The challenge most businesses face with building a Brand is incorporating the Brand strategy with the business objectives. It's important not to lose sight of the most important part of your business which most likely is revenue & profit. This kind of oversight can be a painful learning lesson and tends to create more problems than solutions for your business, stakeholders and investors. Now, lets take a look at some starters on how to partner your business objectives with your brand's development strategy.

  1. Know your Business, Audience and where you stand in comparison to your competitors: If you are a content creator then your business is not branding, it's content creation. Who needs your services and what other companies are offering similar services as you.

2. What your business objectives are for the year or Quarter ?  Some examples of objectives are: increase

the number of subscriptions, Hit X Revenue Goal, Convert X number of customers, promote new line, etc.

3. What are your Brand Goals (be realistic with where you are)

Examples: Develop Brand identity(what you want to be known for), Gain Audience Trust, Get feedback on products, become #1 for X, Increase engagement on blog post etc.

4. How are you going to market your what you're promoting ?

Word of Mouth, Run ads, Live Sales, Friends & family. 

Once you nailed down the above questions, then you're ready to begin the journey of Brand Building!
(See ya in the solution!)

The Solution

The foundation to building a successful Brand isn't just what is seen - anymore than your identity is what you wear. It is consistently delivering on what matters most to your business and audience with excellence. So let's bring this all together!

You've outlined your 4 points and decided that you have the ability to offer the same desired result as your competitors and the reason people should come to you is because your product has less chemicals, is made at home and thus you can charge a lower (or higher) price than your competitor while delivering higher quality. WOW! Look at youuu....

Your business objective is to promote the new product and your goal is to achieve $5K by next month. Your brand's goal is to gain your audience's trust in the viability of your product. You are going to track this by monitoring your product's reviews and set a goal of 300 reviews a month. Lastly you've decided that you are going to run ads to achieve this goal.

Now comes the fun and pretty part! Make a statement with your packages (Don't forget to leave a note or incentive for that review goal)! Create memorable content that will perform well on your desired platforms, share your testimonials online and your website to gain followers. These action steps are called Brand Awareness, where you make your audience and potential customers aware of who you are, what you do and HOW you do it. If you are a singer and you know how to run rifts, then you do that thing to become known for IT. Your business is the same!

Understand that financially you may have to take a hit to build Brand Recognition but it wasn't a loss, especially if you've achieved your Business Objective and Brand Marketing goal. New customers can now purchase your product with confidence without returns or complaints and that's worth GOLD.
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