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Web Optimization & The Customer Journey

Improving the customer journey on your website builds trust and user reliability

Meet the Brand

Our customer, Tracey Brim Ministries has been in ministry for over 30years. She speaks and delivers the word of God all over the country. Dr. Tracey already had an established website, offered ministry services and merchandise. Dr. Tracey like most customers wanted to understand how to improve her presence with her online audience and increase sales organically.



After meeting with the client we conducted a website analysis, product assortment analysis and price competitive analysis. We learned there was huge opportunity that we could realize without her having to pay for Ads. Studies show that a customer spends an average of 40secs browsing your website. During our analysis we learned that the links on the homepage where either dead links(leading no where) or delivered an experience that didn't align with the CTA.

The second challenge after reviewing the customer's Shopify store was to align with the community standard for where the description should be placed to increased organic searching. Next, we moved to review the merchandise product mix and saw immediate opportunity to develop the product mix's width.

Lastly, the final opportunity was to understand price competitiveness and how much profit the client was actualizing and thus the third challenge was to review COGS and Retail price.



The first opportunity, to re-direct the links on the website to the corresponding end goal was a success! We successfully updated the "Book Her" Button to read "Reach out now" which was more aligned to the expectation of a customer arriving to a contact form page. Customers who read the call-to-action will have an aligned expectation of reaching out versus arriving to booking link. The second link "Find out more" was a dead link redirected back to the top of page, this is now linked to "About Me" page. Lastly the "Find out more" CTA opens a pre-filled email (see videos below)

The second challenge to re-organize the meta data and descriptions on Shopify increased the product's probability of being found through organic search. A common mistake users make on shopify is to put every description in one box. This mistake takes away from the ability to increase your generic search ranking (SEO). Shopify has designed its platform to work in such a way that google or any search engine has direction on where to look for keywords that would answer a customer's search inquiry.

Thirdly, developing a plan to profit! As an entrepreneur and small business business just starting you're usually not thinking about building business credit or even pricing to make sure you're not losing money in the process of makiing sells. Here's an example: If you are selling T-shirts for $20 but you have to pay $10 for each T-shirt + $5 for the design, + $3 for shipping and $5 for fulfillment, your losing $3 every time you sell a T-shirt. Luckily Pastor Tracey had Début to look at the profitability. We decided that the T-shirts would have a lower profit margin % and investment and we would turn our attention to other products that would increase profit for the company per sale.

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